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Wassertec introduces Azure pool system

Wassertec recently rocketed onto the Swimming Pool Industry stage with the introduction of their new Azure Pool Ozone System.  The Azure range is comprised of 2 sizes of ozone generator. One for pools of 40 KL or less and another for pools of between 40 - 80 KL. (1KL = 1000L)

The Azure pool ozone system is top of the range and contains no inferror or "chinese" parts unlike most other ozone generator systems available in South Africa. What really sets Wassertec's Azure Pool Ozone System apart from other ozone systems available in SA is the fact that Wassertec supplies a Mazzei chemical injector with every Azure Pool Ozone System. Not one other supplier in SA sells their units with Mazzei chemical injectors, instead units are sold with the basic venturis, machined from a solid block of pvc. These cheap venturis only allow for a maximum air flow of 10L/min. The Mazzei venturis from Wassertec however allow for a maximum air flow of up to 35L/min.

Mazzei chemical injectors are the best in the world. They are designed to the highest specifications to provide optimal chemical or gas injection into water and various other liquids. 


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