Ozone News
Wassertec introduces Azure pool system - 2013-01-25

Wassertec recently rocketed onto the Swimming Pool Industry stage with the introduction of their new Azure Pool Ozone System.  The Azure range is comprised of 2 sizes of ozone generator. One for pools of 40 KL or less and another for pools of between 40 - 80 KL. (1KL = 1000L) The Azure pool ozone system is top of the range and con... more

Wassertec upgrades touch screen interface - 2012-08-19

Wassertec ozone systems has recently introduced their new state-of-the-art human interface by including ethernet networking capabilities. Wassertec's commercial ozone generators can now be linked to the internet via the existing network at the factory or bottling plant by simply connecting the ethernet cable to the back of the touch screen pa... more

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