about us

Ozone Generation is a pretoria based company dedicated to producing cleaner air and purified water for healthy living in South Africa. We supply Wassertec Ozone Systems products since they are superior in their reliability, dependability and functionality. Wassertec's factory is based in Cape Town and this is where all their ozone generator units are purpose built and manufactured to specification. All Wassertec's products carry the CE mark which is the European mark of quality. Every ozone generator manufactured by Wassertec gets calibrated in their factory before being shipped off or installed. 

We stock a range of 03 or ozone products for purifying air and water in just about any type of environment. Typical scenarios would include sterilization of product water and rinsing water for bottling plants, treatment of grey water and sewerage effluent, maintenance and cleaning of industrial cooling towers, etc. Removal of smoke and cooking odours from restaurant and hotel kitchens, pubs and clubs, for example, are also typical areas where ozone is very useful.

There are countless commercial applications for ozone as for example in the agricultural industry where ozone is used effectively to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses in water used in irrigation and packing of fruit and vegetables, etc. Ozone introduced into irrigation water can increase the crop yield by up to 30% in size and/or quantity.  

Contact us today for more information on ozone and the health benefits thereof. We are very excited to be able to promote these truly awesome air and water purification systems to our fellow South Africans.

No matter what the industry, there is an ozone generator to suit your needs!

Contact Ryan Nesbitt on +27 (0)82 338 9748 for more information.


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