Potable Water Treatment

Treatment of potable water or drinking water at municipal purification plants is a perfect example of where an ozone generator can benefit both rural and urban communities. Domestic water treatment is fast becoming a necessity and this is easily achieved by tapping off the main supply or from the borehole to fill a Jo-Jo tank and the ozone is circulated inside the tank to sterilize the water. The water is then filtered using a series of cartridge filters and a carbon filter for that mineral water taste before it is boosted back to the house. Every tap on the property will have clean, safe-to-drink water for staff and family members to enjoy.

Swimming Pools

Domestic swimming pools, public/municipal pools, school pools and even pools at swimming schools can benefit hugely from ozone in that chlorine usage is drastically reduced and the water becomes "gin clear" like never seen before! Chlorine has been proven to be a leading cause of cancer and by ozonating the water in swimming pools we can drastically reduce the risk of cancer among our children (and ourselves) due to reduced chlorine use.

Horticulture / Irrigation / Hydroponics

Irrigating of crops with ozonated water and hydrogen peroxide increases the oxygen levels in the soil which promotes accelerated growth, aerated soil and cleaner irrigation lines and sprinkler heads. The ozone also eradicates unwanted harmful organic elements found in the water and on the crops. Crops irrigated with ozonated water have a much longer shelf life than crops irrigated with untreated water.

Hotels / Restaurants / Pubs / Bed & Breakfasts

Cigarette smoke and cooking odours are easily and effectively eliminated by introducing ozone gas into the room for a short period of time. UV lamps are used to create a more natural form of ozone in such instances by reacting with O2 in much the same way as the sun does when creating atmospheric ozone.  

Hospitals / Clinics

Disinfect operating surfaces and utensils by washing or rinsing them in ozonated water. Ozone gas can also be pumped into theatres to eliminate the smell of blood and decomposing organic matter. Veterinary surgeons are using ozone more and more to eliminate bad odours in their operating theatres and to sterilize their equipment.

Food Packaging / Transportation

Using either ozonated water or an air-purifying ozone generator one can sterilize fruit and vegetables before packaging and in so doing drastically increase the shelf life by up to 1 extra week! Harmful pesticides and bacteria are instantly removed from the outside of each piece of fruit before being wrapped and/or packed for shipment. 



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